From December 1, a new online brake shoe catalog will be launched by DAfmi

From December 1, a new online brake shoe catalog will be launched by DAfmi

Introducing the new DAfmi online brake shoe catalog The new resource offers more opportunities for working with products of the enterprise for foreign and domestic cars and does not require the installation of additional software.

The catalog is compatible with the selection of TecDoc, therefore, it contains complete and reliable information on the applicability of the company’s products, as well as technical specifications, EAN number and product photo. The catalog database reflects the current range and is updated with new products.

The catalog has a convenient search for spare parts:

  • according to the direct article of blocks of production DAfmi
  • according to the article of famous manufacturers of pads
  • by OE number
  • according to the international article WVA
  • by VIN
  • by car brand, model and modification of cars.

Car brand can be selected in both static and drop-down lists, as well as by the letter of the alphabet. For your convenience, the catalog is implemented not only in desktop but also in mobile versions.
In any of them, the user has the opportunity to make a request, as well as go to the corporate website and enterprise pages in social networks.

The catalog has an intuitive interface that makes the work quick and convenient. As in all significant information resources, there are errors introduced by the original source TecDoc and “by our strength”.
We ask you to treat them with understanding, and send your comments and suggestions to the resource administrator via the “Get a consultation” form or e-mail: