Brake pads

Brake pads

The most famous manufacturers of friction products reasonably believe that the efficiency, reliability and wear resistance of the brake mechanism depend on the quality of its components. One of the most important components of the brake assembly is asbestos-free brake pad which is produced by DAfmi.

Products are made by the method of hot-molding a mixture (in molds with electrical heating). The standard asbestos-free friction mixture, of which brake pads are made on DAfmi, contains 20 or more components. Each of them is responsible for the operation of the brake pad in different loading modes. According to customer reviews, DAfmi pads are reliable in use and take a little time to work on.

They have high mechanical strength, retain their use properties in areas with temperate, tropical and cold climates at temperatures up to minus 60 °C.
Today the range of products of the enterprise is about 500 items of disc and drum brake pads for more than 2000 models of cars produced in Asia, Europe and the CIS. The company’s products are represented by trademarks INTELLI, DTC, DАfmi SM and DАfmi HD.

INTELLI Brake pads
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INTELLI are «premium» class brake pads. Their main difference is the use of SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY (preservation of the brake disc) and NOISE FREE (without noise) technology in their manufacture. In the framework of these technologies, the friction mixture for INTELLI brake pads does not contain steel fibers, but mineral and plant materials.

Stand and road tests showus that thanks to this INTELLI pads allow to reduce brake disc wear by 2–4 times (depending on the type of car and its exploitation conditions) in comparison with metal-containing ones. At the same time INTELLI brake pads are 100% compliant with the requirements for automaker’s friction products in Europe and Asia

The entire range of INTELLI products has an EAC certificate of conformity, and most of it is R90 approved by the PIMOT Automobile Research Institute (Warsaw, Poland).

INTELLI Brake pads are:
  • effective slowdown at any speed
  • braking comfort: braking noise is reduced, and the plasticity of the friction lining is increased, which, in general, provides better responsetime on the brake pedal
  • it will be important for lovers of aesthetics that INTELLI friction pad layer does not leave wear products on the rims.
You can be sure of their purity!



DAfmi SM brake pads
DAfmi SM brake pads continued the friction traditions of DAfmi (previously popular pads TM DAfmi, DAfmi-plus, DAfmi-T7) and combined the properties of steel and mineral fibers necessary for comfort braking successfully. The content of metallic wool in these pads is almost two times lower than in common asbestos free metal-containing brake pads. Hence the name SM (Semi Metallic), which means “semi-metallic”.

DAfmi SM brake pads passed full-scale tests on the company’s vehicles, as well as in a number of fleets, where cars are operated in taxi mode successfully, on the dynamometer stand of DAfmi and in the independent laboratory of NAMI (Moscow, Russia).

Also the advanced technology SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY is used to a lesser extent in the production of DAfmi SM brake pads. Due to this, these products also ensure wear of the brake disc, which is close to the minimum. The term of operation of brake pads meets the requirements of leading manufacturers of elements of brake systems in Japan, Korea and European countries. The force of separation of the brake pad from the base is 4 MPa (at a rate of 2,54 MPa). The coefficient of friction remains stable when heated to 700 °C, and in both dry and wet conditions of operation.

The entire range of DAfmi SM products has an EAC certificate of conformity, and most of it is R90 approved by the PIMOT Automobile Research Institute (Warsaw, Poland).

DAfmi SM drum brake pads
The wear resistance, friction and strength characteristics of the DAfmi SM drum brake pads fully comply with AvtoVAZ requirements. These products have been successfully tested at the dynamometer NAMI (Russia) and AvtoZAZ (Zaporozhye). The company’s product range includes drum brake pads for the GAZ-3302 Gazel, Moskvich-412, ZiL Bychok 5301, Slavuta, Lanos, Sens and a number of foreign cars.

The entire range of DAfmi drum pads is EAC certified, and most of it is R90 approved by the PIMOT Automotive Research Institute (Warsaw, Poland).

DBB Brake pads

The TM DBB disc and drum brake pads are well known in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus since 1998. From the very beginning to this day, products under this brand position themselves as the best value for money during operation.

Since 2017, the DBB-group has been part of DAFMI LLC. The entire volume of TM DBB products is manufactured at the facilities of the “DAFMI” plant.

In the manufacture of this product, the materials and processing modes used in the manufacture of INTELLI brake pads are used.

Since 2017, the DBB-group is part of OOO DAFMI, and the entire volume of TM DBB products is manufactured at the facilities of the DAFMI plant.

Due to the frequent cases of falsification of DBB brake pads, since May of this year, the individual packaging of this product is equipped with a sticker with a picture of a ladybug.

Products with a sticker appeared on sale from mid-June, so in the retail network for some time there will be two packaging options: with a sticker and without.

For cases of fraud or if you have any questions, please call: +38 056 744-9-744 or write to

DTC Brake pads
DTC are «economy» class brake pads. Some expensive imported components in them are replaced by high-quality domestic ones. These products are designed in full compliance with the requirements of automakers in the CIS countries. They passed numerous tests both at the DAfmi dynamometer stand, and at the independent testing centers of the Zaporizhia Automobile Plant and «NAMI» (Moscow). According to the test results, DTC brake pads received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations “About the safety of wheeled vehicles” (valid in the Russian Federation since September 2010).

The main characteristics of DTC:
  • safe and effective braking in all weather conditions and driving situations
  • stable coefficient of friction during repeated braking
  • effective operation over 30 thousand km
  • low brake disc wear.



TM DAfmi HD disk brake pads for trucks and semi-trailers
A distinctive feature of this product is that the copper-containing materials in it are replaced by more efficient environmentally friendly components.

These products are tested by long road tests. The range of DAfmi HD brake pads has only four positions, but their applicability covers the most common trucks in the CIS countries.

DAfmi brake pads for Ust-Katavsky carriage-building plant № 71-631 - six-axle passenger carriage of low floor tram lineup

Years of experience and production facilities allow DAfmi to produce brake pads for public transport.

Here are mass-produced:
  • Type C126264 / D609-02 for PESA trams of the Twist and Foxtrot models, Poland. Deliveries for operating organizations in Ukraine (Kiev) and the Russian Federation (Moscow).
  • Type D71-619M-02 / D609 for UKVZ trams. Deliveries to the conveyor for operating companies in the Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg) and Latvia (Riga).
  • Type D050 for T3M Tatra-Yug tram (Tatra T6B5) (Czech Republic, Ukraine) – deliveries to operating organizations in Ukraine.
Brake elements
The plant has brake elements for the combine DON and tractors manufactured by YUZHMASH and KhTP, friction liners for press-forging equipment and other products for the engineering, salt-mining, metallurgical and printing industries.