DAFMI - 30th Anniversary!

DAFMI - 30th Anniversary!

DAFMI – 30th Anniversary!

On January 31, 2021, DAFMI celebrates its 30th anniversary !!!

All these years the enterprise has been confidently holding the status of a leader in the segment of manufacturers of brake system elements on the market. This could not have happened without the support of our employees, customers, suppliers and consumers!

We wish all involved individuals and organizations success and inspiration in business, good health, family well-being and look forward to long-term cooperation.

We express our special gratitude to Mikhail Sklyarenko, founder and CEO of DAFMI since 1991. For us, Mikhail was and remains an example of an energetic, purposeful and entirely intelligent personality. We wish Mikhail and his family good health, joy and pleasant experiences!

We wish you all peace and success!