DAFmi is a participant in the Friction Symposium 2019

DAFmi is a participant in the Friction Symposium 2019

This spring, DAfmi made a working visit to Gianni Minetto, a specialist at CAME s.r.l., Italy. In June, Elena Vinnikova, a leading technologist at DAFmi LLC, was posted on a return visit to Milan at the Friction Symposium 2019 technical symposium.

The purpose of her trip was to increase the technical level in the field of formulation development of friction mixtures and new materials developed by CAME s.r.l. for the friction industry, as well as familiarization with the production of brake pads at Fri.Tech s.r.l., Italy.

The symposium was attended by process engineers of the R&D TRIBO group, as well as the technical director and head of the quality and technology control service VATI-AUTO, Russia.

Representatives of CAME s.r.l .: made a presentation at the conference: friction materials manager Oscar Simonazzi and, our recent guest, sales manager Gianni Minetto.

Oscar Simonazzi introduced new materials that increase braking comfort, stabilize the coefficient of friction and prevent the metal from wrapping on the working surface of the brake pad (wrapping is one of the problems that was discussed at EvroBrake-2019).

Gianni Minetto gave listeners recommendations on formulation design aimed at adhering to modern safety and environmental standards.

In addition to the above speakers, representatives of Hexion Italia S.r.l. (specializes in the production of phenol-formaldehyde resin). Their reports were devoted to new developments in the field of binders used in friction production, and new materials that reduce the dusting of friction mixtures.

A special delight, according to E. Vinnikova, was caused by a visit to the production and laboratory of Fri Tech s.r.l. The principle of constructing the work in the laboratory is the same as in DAFmi: all materials and components pass the input control, and the finished product is tested with destructive control methods.

However, there are significant differences: Fri.Tech s.r.l. laboratory equipped with modern measuring and testing equipment. As for the manufacturing sector, here at Fri.Tech s.r.l. non-dusting mixture and automatic press loading are used.

Much attention is paid to environmental protection. All emitted gases in the production are collected and disposed of. This creates favorable working conditions.

For each new brake pad position Fri.Tech s.r.l. issue the certificate of R90. At DAFmi, this process began in 2016 with the aim of certifying all products of the enterprise for compliance with R90.

Comparison of our factory with the Italian manufacturer of brake pads allows us to conclude that DAFmi is a modern factory that is on the right track in the development of formulation engineering, modernization of production to improve working conditions and reduce environmental pollution. Keep it up, DAFmi!

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