Audit season at DAFMI continues

Audit season at DAFMI continues

For almost 29 years (exactly as much as the company will turn on January 31), the DAFMI plant has been producing reliable elements of the brake system. They are in demand in many countries near and far abroad. The high level of quality of these products is achieved thanks to the qualified staff of the enterprise. And, of course, the quality management system operating here.

In 2005, the quality management system operating at DAFMI first passed certification for compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards. Since then, the company has undergone an annual audit, confirming the certificate issued. More recently, the regular supervisory audit for compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 was successfully completed. On December 20, last year, the audit was carried out by Vyacheslav Berestovoy, QSCert-Ukraine’s leading auditor, a division of QSCert, the Netherlands.

This certificate is optional in the field of engineering. But it is recognized as fundamental for building trust between the manufacturer and the consumer in the spare parts segment.

But the R90 certificate is a prerequisite for working with customers in Europe and the Middle East. The plant management decided to receive this document in order to freely deliver to the EU countries. And today, 62 positions of INTELLI and DAfmi SM brake pads are R90 certified by the PIMOT Research Institute of Automotive, Warsaw ( It is the largest organization in Eastern Europe, which conducts research in the automotive industry and certifies vehicles and their parts for compliance with UNECE regulations.

It should be noted that the technology for issuing the R90 certificate implies periodic inspection of the manufacturer. Therefore, on January 23, specialists from the PIMOT Institute arrived at the DAFMI plant: Mr. Tomasz Zalewski and Mr. Jacek Miklaszewski. During their visit, a scheduled audit of the DAFMI quality management system was conducted. The test results are excellent.

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