Brake discs

Brake discs

In the DAfmi product range, brake discs reappeared. Since April 2019, they can be purchased at the best auto and online stores.

TM DAfmi brake discs meet the requirements of the most sophisticated driver. The manufacturer took the path of famous brands and offered the buyer a well-balanced brake pair (pads and disc), which allows you to get the maximum effect from the braking system. This is confirmed by long road tests of products.

So far, DAfmi brake discs are sold only in Ukraine. Now DAfmi has the following brake disc positions:

  • TD656 for VAZ 2101-2107
  • TD743 for VAZ 2108, 2109, 2115

Next in line are the products for ZAZ Tavria (1102), DAEWOO Lanos and common foreign cars.