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On December 26, 2005, DAfmi became the owner of certificate of conformity of the quality management system at the enterprise to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. The representative of the verification organization - the Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research and Certification TNO Certification, accredited in the ISO system - presented the Certificate No. S2005. 6342/01 to the general director of DAfmi Yu.M. Lutin.

Since then, this certificate has been confirmed annually. And in 2018 The DAfmi quality system is successfully recertifying according to ISO 9001: 2015. It was conducted by the expert auditors of Citech Ukraine B.V. Today DAfmi is preparing for the recertification audit of its quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001: 2015.

The issued certificate is recognized in countries that are full members of ISO (all European countries, as well as the USA and Japan), and the CIS. This document confirms that the management system at the DAfmi plant allows to obtain a predictable resultand is aimed at meeting the needs of customers in the enterprise`s products and the continuous improvement of the company`s activities.

In preparation for recertification at the DAfmi plant:
  • deliveries of the enterprise`s products to the countries of the European Union are organized

  • the ventilation system of the pressing sector is being reconstructed to reduce dust formation in the workshop and to provide comfortable working conditions for pressers

  • reorganization of production sites to optimize production processes

  • the production building is insulated to provide a comfortable working environment, and also to save resources for building heating

  • the warehouse reconstruction project is designed and implemented to optimize storage conditions for finished products and materials

  • the list of replacement brake pads that are certified for compliance with UNECE Regulation R90 is increasing.

  • What is a certified quality management system for for the Buyer? This is primarily:
    - confidence in the reliability and quality of products
    - conviction in the responsibility of the supplier for its product
    - guarantee of feedback from the Buyer.

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