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Joint Ukraini-Australian venture DAFMI (Dnepropetrovsk-Australian Friction Materials Industry) was founded on the basis of Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant.


The first lot of products was produced and series production of brake pads was set up. Products were delivered to Australia. Production volumes were growing.


Established was a strategic co-operation with Danish company Roulunds - supplier of brake pads to Volvo, SAAB, Rover, GM, Ford and Land Rover and manufacturers of brake systems, i.e. Lucas, Teves, and Bendix.


Production program for local and foreign car brake pads was launched. Pilot lots of products were produced and tested.


Delivery of component parts from leading European manufacturers. Manufactured were the first lots of the brake pads developed by our company. Delivery of the first lot of brake pads for T-3M trams produced by JV TATRA-YUG.


Product range expansion. Expanded was the assortment of brake pads for most popular in CIS models of foreign cars. Product range included over 160 references. Products were certified in Russia and Ukraine.


Brake pads for ZIL-5301 ``Bychok`` were approved by AMO ZIL automotive factory (Moscow) and their delivery to its conveyor started.


Rapid increase of production volumes and sales. Product range - over 230 references for more than 1150 car models. More than 1 mln pcs of brake pads were produced that year.


OE supplies to Joint Venture ``AvtoZAZ-Daewoo`` started. Product range expansion up to 319 references for more than 1500 car models. Start of production of brake hoses - 184 references for 400 car models.


Small-lot brake hose production. Acquisition of a new production building. Delivery of brake pads for snowmobiles ``Taiga`` (``Rybinsk Motors``, city of Rybinsk, Russia).


Purchasing of new technological equipment - chassis dynamometer, powder painting system, modern dosing machine and mixer.


Series production of DAFMI-plus - brake pads with improved friction properties.


Series production of DAFMI-T7 brake pads, participation in ``Za Rulem`` project, becoming the prize-winner of All-Ukrainian product competition ``100 best products of Ukraine`` at the regional level. The first supplies of brake hoses to AvtoZAZ.


Purchase of complex NeueKraft (Austria), introduction of drum brake pads into the market, DAFMI-T7 assortment expansion, and production of 5 mln pcs of brake pads a year.


Quality control system certification according to the requirement of international standard ISO 9001: 2000. Development of production of drum brake shoes and brake hoses for motor vehicles Slavuta, Lanos (Chevrolet) and Sens. According to the results of tests of ``Potrebitel: Avtodela`` magazine (Moscow, Russia), brake pads DAFMI T7 were named as the best in the class and were awarded with special sign ``Recommended!``. Realized was the first supply of brake pads for tramcar model 71-630 of Ust-Katav tramcar plant (city of Ust-Katav, Russia). For the first time ``DAFMI`` reached output of 6 mln pcs of brake pads per year.


15 anniversary of DAFMI. AvtoZAZ names our company ``First-Rate Supplier``. The assortment of the company products was enlarged by drum brake pads for ZIL-5301 ``Bychok`` and foreign cars, disc brake pads - for ``Bogdan`` bus, Iveco Daily (II), Ford Transit and Volkswagen Transporter. Special novelty of the year - brake pads for GAZ 3310 ``Valday``. DAFMI started the delivery of brake pads to the conveyor of Zaporozhye Car Factory for passenger cars ZAZ Lanos (Chevrolet Lanos). As the result of the first yearly audition, DAFMI confirmed its quality control system compliance with requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 standard.


• Leinweber (Austria) Automatic Line for grinding and painting of brake pads was bought and set up at our premises.
• Attestation in conformity with ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
• First step heading toward the attestation of DAfmi`s Quality Management System in conformity with QS-TS international requirements.


Series production of DAfmi Intelli were put into production, they are brake pads with improved performance comfort. It`s implemented the recertification of Quality Management System for compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
Grinding section was reconstructed.


At first DAfmi Intelli brake pads are presented at Kiev International Motor Show SIA`2009 officially.
Expanding range of pads for automobiles which are manufactured by Asian States, the most common in the CIS countries. The sales share of the brake pads DAFMI for foreign cars are doubled.
The company confirms once again that its quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2008. The result - a positive assessment by auditors from the Netherlands.


The company acquires and implements the latest production equipment: 3 grinding and 1 press machines, line for assembly, welding and gluing of the friction drum brake linings, a laser for cutting the backing plates. It`s successfully implemented a set of specific measures aimed at improving working conditions, a gradual reduction in manual labor, creating the conditions for the adaptation of new employees, as well as the improvement of moral and material incentives for workers.


The enterprise gradually being upgraded capacity for the manufacture of disc brake pads for cars manufactured in Japan, Germany, Korea and China.
On the CIS market found new series: DAfmi SM - brake pads with semi-metallic pads structure (average price segment ) and DTC, developed using modern materials and mixtures (class "economy").
As part of having no analogues in the world project CABE DISC TECHNOLOGY (saving brake disk ) updated line of "Premium" TM INTELLI products are manufactured on the basis diskosberegayuschih technologies.


DAfmi company acquired and commissioned 4 pressing complex slave A1.00.001 6730. Their specialization - release disc brake pads for cars made ​​in Germany, Japan, Korea and China.
The enterprise started to produce 30 new titles Brake Shoe INTELLI for popular models of cars and commercial vehicles of foreign origin and to truck Perlini (Italy).
Renewed and extended release of brake discs, is preparing to release brake drums TM DAfmi.
Based on the "Testing Center of automotive products" (Moscow) conducted independent testing of brake pads for cars Ford Focus II and Daewoo Lanos.
According to the results of these tests master INTELLI acknowledged by diskosberegayuschim properties and thermal stability of the friction characteristics.
According to the results of the National Award" Autocomponent year 2012" (Russian Federation ) brake pads DAfmi second time unanimously recognized as the winner in the nomination "Brake Pads Year" among domestic brands.
Quality Management System "DAFMI" successfully passed recertification audit for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.
Increase sales volume production DAfmi in 2012 was 13% compared to the same period of 2011.
Enterprise II- DAfmi took place in the national ranking of "Exporter of the Year", operating in the sphere of foreign economic activity of Ukraine.


On DAfmi began producing shoes for VW Polo Sedan 2011.
The enterprise mastered the production of brake pads for LADA Largus.
The merging of industrial, financial and intellectual capacity and companies DAfmi JSC "VATI-AUTO".
Brake pads DAfmi win for the third time in the award "Autocomponent year" (Moscow).
On DAfmi represent a new version online catalog Brake Shoe INTELLI.
Begins production DAfmi HD brake pad for trucks.


Assortment of skids DAfmi HD covers all the most common in the CIS trucks.
DAfmi company launches a brand new product - synthetic grease TM INTELLI for brake calipers.
DAfmi came under the patronage of the famous Czech manufacturer of auto parts Temac Automotive. Brand DAfmi took 2nd place in the competition "Autocomponent year 2014».


  • On DAfmi introduced barcoding product structure GTIN-13.
  • The company receives a certificate of conformity of the Customs Union (EAU).
  • DAfmi Company offers the market brake pads INTELLI for Geely Emgrand EC7.
  • The company has put into operation a new modern press complex JF6450D Serial No sj08107 spec for disk brake pads.
  • The employees of sales department filmed training videos on the brake shoes, sold under the brand name INTELLI.


  • On the eve of its 25th anniversary, DAfmi successfully passes the first annual audit of the quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001: 2008.
  • DAfmi introduces a new coding for the product.
  • DAfmi`s car crew occupies the first place in the Winter Cup of Ukraine in the rally ``XADO DRC-2016``.
  • Several more modern press complexes for the production of brake pads have been put into operation
  • DAfmi into the orbit of the group of companies ``TRIBO``
  • DAfmi modernizes the packaging area of ​​the finished products.
  • Plant Activities DAfmi is highly valued at once in two national ratings of Ukraine.
  • The first delivery of DAfmi brake pads for a tram to Latvia was made.

  • 2017

  • DAfmi has mastered the production of brake pads for foreign cars 2012-2015
  • DAfmi pads have been officially approved by UNECE 90.
  • The INTELLI brake pads have expanded by 11 more positions.
  • DAfmi supplied brake pads to Poland.
  • DAfmi and Tribo took part in MIMS-2017.
  • DAfmi became the industry leader in 2017.
  • DAfmi and TRIBO companies participated in the training on friction mixtures.
  • DAfmi brake pads were delivered to Egypt.
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