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The most popular brake pads DAfmi SM and INTELLI

Brake pads production DAFMI - a wide selection of high quality friction products for the car. Today on DAfmi produced four lines of pads: INTELLI, DTC, DAFMI SM and DAFMI HD.

INTELLI line is the premium class brake pads, one of the newly-designed projects of the company, which recently has been renewed within the unique project SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY (know-how of DAfmi Ltd.).

Drivers know that the requirements for friction products of the European and Asian automakers differ significantly. INTELLI brake pads were brought to exact correspondence with both of them due to the effective cooperation of DAfmi Ltd. and the most experienced Japanese and German experts.

Developers of the renewed line of the INTELLI brake pads managed to bring to the market a moderate price product which significantly reduces the wear of the brake disc without impairing braking performance.

The main difference of the INTELLI brake pads is SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY and replacement of steel fibers in the friction mixture with mineral and vegetable fibers. Bench and driving tests have shown that the INTELLI brake pads enable to reduce the wear of brake disk by 2-4 times as compared to those containing metal fibers (depending on the vehicle type and the conditions of its operation).

The renewed INTELLI brake pads have such properties:
- Effective deceleration at any speed;
- Comfort of braking: braking noise is reduced and the flexibility of the friction lining is increased, which generally provides better information capacity of the brake pedal;
- For those who appreciate aesthetics, the INTELLI friction pad layer leaves no wear debris on the wheel disks. You can be sure that they are clean!
DTC — brake pads class "economy" by using the latest friction compounds and technologies. Certain expensive imported components in them are replaced with quality domestic). These products are designed in full compliance with the requirements of car manufacturers and passed numerous tests on the dynamometer as DAfmi, and at independent testing centers Zaporizhia Automobile Plant and the "us" (Moscow). According to tests the brake pads DTC received a certificate of compliance with the Technical Regulations "On the safety of wheeled vehicles," which operates in Russia since September 2010.

The basic specs:
- Safe and effective braking in all weather conditions and traffic situations
- A stable coefficient of friction during repeated braking
- Effective operation for over 30 thousand km
- Low wear of the brake disc.

DAfmi brake pads - a wide variety of high-quality friction products for the car. Nowadays DAfmi Ltd. produce four brake pad lines: DAfmi SM – newly-designed product of the company, INTELLI, DTC and DAfmi-plus.

Production in 2011

DAfmi SM - the last development of the DAfmi experts out of friction mixture F610. Newly-designed product has successfully combined the properties of steel, mineral fibers and components of vegetable origin that are required for braking comfort. The amount of the steel fiber in it is more than two times lower than in the common asbestos-free metallic brake pads. That is why the new brake pads were called SM, which means "semimetallic".

The brake pads from new mixture F 610 have successfully passed the field tests on the company cars, and also in the number of car fleets, where vehicles operate as the taxi, on the DAfmi chassis dynamometer system and in the independent laboratory NAMI (Moscow, Russia) during the certification tests.

In the production of the DAfmi SM brake pads we use the advanced SAVE DISK TECHNOLOGY, due to which our products provide the minimum wear of a brake disk and the same comfort level of braking, as well as the brake pads with anti-noise plates or mastic resin.

The operating life of the brake pads meet the demands of the leading Japanese, Korean and European manufacturers of brake system components.

The lining breakaway effort at the basis
is 4Mpa (at the rate of 2,45Mpa).
The friction coefficient remains stable at 700 ° C of heating, both in dry and wet conditions.

Drum brake shoes DAFMI SM.

Wear-resistance, friction and strength characteristics of drum brake pads DAFMI SM completely correspond to AvtoZAZ requirements. These products successfully passed chassis dynamometer tests in NAMI (Russia) and AutoZAZ (Zaporozhye, Ukraine).

In 2005 we started the production of drum brake pads for GAZ -3302 GAZEL and Moskvich-412, as well as motor vehicles Slavuta, Lanos and Sens. The new products of year 2006 - drum brake pads for ZiL Bychok 5301 and some foreign passenger cars.

New - disc brake pads TM DAfmi HD for trucks and trailers

A distinctive feature of the new products is the fact that copper-containing materials in it are replaced by more efficient environmentally friendly components , which are now called green . With this pads have DAfmi HD numerous advantages . In addition, these products updated lengthy road tests .

Assortment of skids DAfmi HD has four positions, the applicability of which covers all of the most popular trucks in the CIS countries.

Table applicability Brake Shoe DAfmi HD

DAfmi brake pads for UKVZ No. 71-631 - six-axle passenger cars of the low-floor tram line model

Brake pads have a design feature: the area of the support plate is smaller than the friction part. For this reason, they are not produced by all manufacturers of friction products. For DAfmi, it is one of the promising areas.

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