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The most famous producers of friction products consider the car brake assembly as a single mechanism, reasonably believing that the efficiency, reliability and wear resisting property of the last depend on the quality of its components.

In an effort totally to protect the driver and the car, Dafmi Ltd. has grown from a producer of asbestos-free brake pads to the producer of the full range of the brake system components within 20 years.

Nowadays, DAfmi Ltd. - a leader in its field. Company product assortment include more than 400 brake pad names and 220 types of the brake hoses for 2000 car models produced in CIS countries, Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and China. The assets of the company are the non-asbestos pads of disk and drum brake, brake hoses, brake components for the "DON" harvester-thresher, the tractors of the UMZ and HTZ production, and the friction products for industrial equipment.

DAfmi brake pads - a wide variety of high quality friction products for the car. DAfmi brake pads are reliable in operation, require little time for the breaking-in. They have the high mechanical strength, maintain their performance characteristics in areas with temperate, tropical and cold climates at temperatures of up to -60 º C.

Pads are manufactured by hot molding of the mixture in the electric heating molds. Our standard non-asbestos friction mixture contains more than 20 components, each of which is responsible for the brake pad operation in different load conditions.

The nonworking surface of each Dafmi brake pad is marked with white paint by an inkjet printer. Marking includes company logo, brake pad number, friction material code, number of technical specifications (TS), QCD stamp, year, date and time of release, and also signs which give evidence of the brake pad certification in Russia and Ukraine or availability of UNECE approval No. 90.

The company has a program of the brake pad renovation for the heavy-duty trucks. We successfully continue to implement the DAfmi-plus brake set - the brake disc and brake pads are in one package.

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