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Miser pays three times?

The presented set of pads for KIA Cerato has passed a number of standard procedures - measurement of geometry, tests for friction coefficient, wear and tear. In general, the products looked and worked ``for their money`` - a normal inexpensive Chinese shoe.

However, the cross section opened the
DAfmi product range includes brake pads for 50 thousand vehicle modifications.

From 01.12.2018, a new online product catalog of DAfmi is available to users - (the service is compatible with the selection by TecDoc).

A curious developer of the resource calculated the number of modifications for each car brand for which brake pads are produced
Schedule LLC "DAFMI" in December 2018 - January 2019.
Dear Sirs!

12.24.2018 and 12.25.2018 at the enterprise are days off.
From 12/26/2018 to 12/29/2018 inclusive - working days.
From 30.12.2018 to 01.01.2019 - days off
From 01/08/2019 - the company operates in standard mode.

We ask you to take this information into consideration and place you
The newsletter "LEADER" №3 (39) December 2018 has been published

Print version see in the attached file
All for the convenience of customers: now on the site of the enterprise you can download the complaint

To the attention of buyers: now for your convenience on the site of the company DAfmi you can download the complaint.

You can download it in the section `` Materials for download``.
On DAfmi reduced the time for running the brake pair

DAfmi company has mastered the production of brake shoes with lapping paste. In the presence of an experimental batch, which included the following positions of friction products: D124E, D127E, D145E, D146Ei, D204E, D236E, D237E, D273E, D274E, D339E.
From December 1, a new online brake shoe catalog will be launched by DAfmi
Introducing the new DAfmi online brake shoe catalog ). The new resource offers more opportunities for working with products of the enterprise for foreign and domestic car
DAfmi pads have become more comfortable

We inform that the company DAfmi has mastered the production of brake pads with anti-noise plate. In stock an experienced batch of D133Ei. The range will be replenished with other positions.
The price list for brake pads produced by OOO DAFMI has been updated
The price list for brake pads produced by OOO DAFMI from 11/06/2018 can be found here . The document separately indicates the items out of production.
The newsletter "LEADER" №2 (38) October 2018 has been published
Version for printing, see attached file

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